Prices 2021

Here is an overview of the most important costs for participants.
You will also find a calculator in this section with which you can calculate the costs of your exhibition quickly and easily.
Note: all prices are in Swiss francs exclusive of Swiss value-added tax, which is currently 7.7%.


Prices exhibition area



until 28.02.2021
in CHF


until 30.06.2021
in CHF


until 01.07.2021
in CHF
From 400m2  200.–/m2  210.–/m2 230.–/m2
300 – 399m2  210.–/m2  220.–/m2 230.–/m2
100 – 299m2  220.–/m2  230.–/m2 240.–/m2
30 – 99m2  240.–/m2  250.–/m2 260.–/m2
Up to 29m2  260.–/m2  270.–/m2 280.–/m2


2 open sides (corner stand)  + 15%  
3 open sides (end of row stand)  + 20%  
4 open sides (island stand)  + 25%  

The price increase is a surcharge on the price of the exhibition space reservation.

Other charges

Basic Advertising package

Prices in CHF

Basic presence on online platform  910.–

Co-exhibitor fee

1 co-exhibitor, incl. Basic advertising package  1690.–

Flat fee for waste

If it is not already included in your participation package, the flat fee for waste is CHF 3.50 per m2.

Reference prices for ceiling loads, technical connections, floor coverings, stand partition walls, logistics and other services can be viewed in the service shop (access after receipt of stand confirmation).

Participation packages

Participation package system stand All In One




Size 40m2   60m2
additional square metre in CHF excl. Swiss value-added tax 800.–   800.–
800.–   800.–
Price in CHF, two open sides 36'400.–   47'200.–
Price in CHF, three open sides 37'400.–   48'200.–   57'400.–

Igeho Special participation package

Prices in CHF

Row stand, one side open, including exhibition space, stand construction, flat fee for waste

from 5525.– (12m2)

Additional square metre 430.–
Minimum surface: 12m2

Participation package with elegant system stand

System stand with one side open, excluding net fee for exhibition space ordered 285.–/m2

Minimum size: 18m2


Exhibitor and parking passes


Prices in CHF

Additional Exhibitor pass 23.15
Admission voucher online –.45
Redeemed admission voucher 12.95


Digital Lead Package
for First-Booking

Prices in CHF


30 to 99m2 49.–/m2
  • 20 vouchers incl. redemption / m2
  • 2 Scan to Lead licences / stand
  • 2 QR Code adhesive / stand
100 to 199m2 49.–/m2
  • 20 vouchers incl. redemption / m2
  • 4 Scan to Lead licences / stand
  • 4 QR Code adhesive / stand
200 to 299m2 49.–/m2
  • 20 vouchers incl. redemption / m2
  • 6 Scan to Lead licences / stand
  • 6 QR Code adhesive / stand
300 to 399m2 49.–/m2
  •  20 vouchers incl. redemption / m2
  • 10 Scan to Lead licences / stand
  • 10 QR Code adhesive / stand
from 400m2 49.–/m2
  •  20 vouchers incl. redemption / m2
  • 12 Scan to Lead licences / stand
  • 12 QR Code adhesive / stand

Incentives – Exhibitors recrut exhibitors

Value in CHF

Basic presence on online platform for free 910.–
*valid only for exhibitors who did not take part in the last event