Lead management – transparency is your key to success

Generate leads and capture and process data: our new, completely digital lead management tool constitutes the perfect solution for administering your visitor data during and after the fair. You always retain an overview and can edit and export the data in a professional and efficient manner in real time.

Your advantages:

  • You always access the latest visitor data.
  • You know precisely how many leads you have.
  • You know the number of leads per employee on the stand.
  • You can export all the data to Excel at the push of a button.
  • You can configure your personal lead sheets.

How lead management works

You capture and supplement the visitor data in a simple and intuitive manner via the lead management smartphone app on your smartphone or tablet. By using the “Visitor questionnaire” form you can also enter pre-defined information on each visitor.
  • You send out invitations to your customers, assigning each person an individual voucher code.
  • Your customer registers online with their voucher code and prints out their print@home ticket. From this point on, you can view and edit their data in real time.
  • At Igeho, the visitor scans their ticket, receives their badge and proceeds through the turnstiles.
  • On your stand, you scan the barcode on the visitor badge and immediately know who the visitor is.
  • All the scanned data is fed into your lead management web portal and can be added to, exported, transferred and put to further use there. A data interface can also be provided for connecting up or integrating your own systems. Contact us for further Information.