Alexander Ryser

Guaranteed to brighten our day! Does things "Zurich style" in the office, and when he's not engaged in arranging deals or networking at "Pomp & Splendour" events, he's out searching for the perfect wave and investigating the cuisine of far-off countries.

MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG
Alexander Ryser
Sales Director
4005 Basel/Schweiz

T + 41 58 206 25 83

And now it gets personal

What does your workplace say about you?

Clean desk – only at work, not at home 😉.

What item of cutlery can you do without?

All of them – I love to eat with my hands.

Your favourite swear word?


My favourite leisure time activity?

Family (2 girls)

I always wanted to?

I still don’t know today 😉.

How fast can you make your bed in the morning? If you make it at all?

That’s the point.

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