Benjamin Müller

Master of Disaster. When it’s burning, he’s the one with the fire extinguisher. Expert for all beverages that require shaking – but not so strong as to give him the shakes too. And, as the former cat trainer in Switzerland’s Knie Circus, his delight knows no bounds when the big top goes up on the Rosental site in full view of his office.

MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG
Benjamin Müller
Communications Manager
4005 Basel/Schweiz

T + 41 58 206 35 83


And now it gets personal

How do you like your coffee?

Hot, greasy and with a goal shot.

Incredible but true?

Eternity lasts longest.

My favourite drink?

In terms of absolute frequency: coffee and water (in that order). And, otherwise, a gin & tonic or Moscow mule is not to be sneered at.

What my colleagues would say about me?

Tends to elaborate at length and come up with anecdotes about everything under the sun.

What I can’t do without?

The hot extract of the coffee bean.

What does your workplace say about you?

Unfortunately, despite all my didactic talents, I've not yet succeeded in imparting any form of verbal communication to my workplace, which is why I am unable to answer this question truthfully.

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