Kia Lehmann

Bend it like Lehmann! Our creative deliverer of the ball, the champion winger amongst the product managers. But be careful: anyone engaging in a verbal sliding tackle will be sidelined! The subsequent hurricane is roughly as pleasant as becoming more closely acquainted with one of Roberto Carlos' free kicks. Within the team, this is referred to in an almost endearing manner as "Kia's revenge".
MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG
Kia Lehmann
Product Manager Bauchladen
4005 Basel/Schweiz

T + 41 58 206 22 81


And now it gets personal

What does your workplace say about you?

She always made an effort

Where I always wanted to go?

To Cappadocia to fly in a hot-air balloon

My favourite leisure-time activity?

Good food and exploring the world

What I can’t do without?

My revenge

Never without?

Humour and unicorns

Incredible but true?

She goes on holiday during Igeho

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