Chefs' Arena 2015 – the secrets of the professional cooks

You can experience star chefs with a proven track record and young talents live in action in a completely fitted-out show kitchen. The Chefs' Arena, organised by the Swiss Chefs' Association (SKV), is a meeting point and provides impetus for your own ideas, dreams and visions. Benefit from the know-how that the professional chefs will be passing on exclusively at Igeho.

Guest list

The Renaissance of the art cooking 

Do you know what René Schudel, Johann Lafer, Vreny Giger, Meta Hiltebrand, Rolf Mürner, Mirko Buri, Ewald Notter, Ale Mordasini, Steven Duss and Adrian Amrhein all have in common? They are all artists in their respective fields, enjoy being in the spotlight and delight in showing off their know-how, their creativity and their gourmet creations. In the Chefs' Arena at Igeho, they allowed visitors to take a look inside their pots and pans, talked about their cooking philosophy and the latest trends from all over the world and shared their personal recipes for success.

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Igeho Campus
Igeho Campus