The Planner's Meeting Point – if you can dream it, you can do it

Do you dream? Then you should be delighted. Because everything that you dream of doing, you can actually do. That was something that Walt Disney knew already. And something that you too will realise soon – provided you are a hotel or restaurant owner, or work in a care home. At the Planner’s Meeting Point at Igeho, your dreams will take shape. You can be advised directly and in person and find the ideal partner for planning and executing your projects.


Realising your dreams – without stars too

Are you going to have conversion work done on your hotel, motel or guest house? Be bold and let yourself be advised by professionals. Architects, interior designers, planners and general contractors will take you seriously even if you have no stars.

Determine your star-studded highlights yourself

Have you got plans for your restaurant or your cafe? Does your bar, disco or nightclub need a facelift? Furnishing concepts geared to success call for sound specialist knowledge. Consult planners for kitchens, bathroom, interior decorations and lighting at an early stage.

Reach for the stars for your guests

All modern conveniences, ambiance, service and enjoyment are key values in hotel-style hospital accommodation and care home catering. At the Planner's Meeting Point, experts from the full length of the value-added chain for a hotel or catering operation await you.


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