Pool and Garden – a source of pleasure, strength and energy

Have you a longing for peace, withdrawal and relaxation? For a place where you can be happy, even without digital and social media? Where you can breathe in deeply and be yourself? Nature provides us with these moments of well-being, as well as constituting a source of energy. It’s no wonder that garden and pool complexes are currently in vogue. Offer your guests, customers, patients and clients this luxury too.


The realm of gardens

A carefully tended garden landscape or terrace reflects well on you and the business you are running. A harmonious environment and a delightful atmosphere instils a feeling of well-being in people and encourages them to spend time in such a conducive setting. They will repeatedly return to their favourite spot to enjoy the good energy and let themselves be spoilt by you.

Take the plunge

"Anyone jumping into cold water immerses themselves in a sea full of possibilities", goes a Finnish proverb. So, why not take the plunge and make for moments of bliss in your garden? Swimming in a pool, bathing in a pond, relaxing in a whirlpool or chilling out amongst water features – create your own paradise and marvel at your courage and success.

A green oasis calls for planning

Do you already have a garden complex or are you at the planning stage of your garden development? Either way: take care, because specially configured garden concepts require sound specialist knowledge. At the "Pool and Garden” special show, landscape architects, planning offices, horticulturists and equipment suppliers will take up your wishes and advise you in person.

Look forward to experiencing our attractive show garden which will convey you into a world of sensual experiences.



Additional novelties