Product Igeho 2023

Discover the future of cash register systems: The new Yoordi cash register

We are presenting with great enthusiasm our latest achievement at the Igeho Fair: the Yoordi cash register. Let us tell you why the Yoordi POS is more than just a cash register - with a wealth of features and customization options, Yoordi is the perfect choice for your restaurant.

Yoordi POS - Your All-in-One Solution for Restaurant Management!

πŸ“± Device Variety: Whether it's iPad, iPhone, Android, or terminals, Yoordi POS works everywhere.

🍽️ Table Info: Your guests receive all important information such as product descriptions, images, and allergen advice right at the table. The service team is well informed.

πŸ–¨οΈ Printer Control: You can precisely define which printer prints which order, regardless of the number of printers in your operation.

🧩 Flexible Modules: All modules are combined in one application and can be activated per device in the back office as needed.

πŸ’³ Easy Direct Sales: Ideal for counter sales, food trucks, and stands. Customers see what they are ordering and receive a receipt via QR code.

🏒 Table Plan: Keep your table plan in view on your phone or tablet at all times. The color marking shows which tables need attention.

πŸ“‹ Table List: Your service staff finds all tables immediately. Division into rooms allows for more efficient service.

✨ Table Functions: With one click, you maintain an overview of open products, can transfer tables, print interim invoices, or cancel items. Flexible payment options are available.

πŸ” Orders: Your kitchen display shows all orders clearly, whether it's takeaway, delivery, or in-house. The organization is seamless.

πŸ“¦ Stock Management: You always keep an eye on your stock and can deactivate products with one click if they are no longer available.

πŸ“Š Reports: Keep track of daily closures, payments, tips, and more. Detailed reports are available via the Yoordi MCP.

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Swiss Made Quality: Trust the quality of Yoordi POS, developed in Switzerland!

We warmly invite you to come by our stand to see the Yoordi cash register in action.