Igeho Rising Star

The award for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the hospitality industry

The Igeho Rising Star, was awarded for the first time in 2023 and was supported by Transgourmet/Prodega. It offers aspiring entrepreneurs and young companies the opportunity to present themselves to a broad professional audience and to showcase their innovations.

The primary goal of the competition is to connect the hospitality start-up scene with potential investors, customers and partners in order to promote progress in the industry.


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Winner of the Igeho Rising Star Award 2023

Jury Award 2023

EggField – like eggs, but grown in a field

Field Food (Illnau)


Starting point and challenge

As is the case with other animal protein sources, the production of eggs is associated with high environmental costs and comes with ethical issues. Chickens are fed soy, resulting in a loss of biodiversity and habitats and contributing to CO2 emissions in the source countries. Ethical concerns include the shredding of roosters and the culling of hens before moulting. Since a large proportion of all eggs are used as ingredients, the production conditions for egg ingredients are often extremely poor. Consumers are growing increasingly aware of these circumstances and are keen to find alternatives without wanting to compromise on taste.



EggField imitates the functions of hen’s eggs without artificial substances. EggField’s products are on par with standard eggs in terms of foaming, binding, emulsification and gelling. They have a neutral taste profile, higher microbiological properties than egg ingredients and a lower risk of bacterial contamination.

EggField offers the gastronomy industry new plant-based, GMO-free products without allergens (egg/soy), which is important for flexitarian guests.
Using extraction, concentration and filtration processes, we produce a liquid component (EggField One) from pulses, which can be combined with a plant-based protein powder (EggField Plus).

Find out more: www.eggfield.com

Audience Award 2023

The IRISgo cup – revolutionary thermos cup, made in Switzerland

IRISgo (Horw)


Starting point and challenge

Disposable cups constitute a huge environmental problem. However, conventional reusable cups don’t offer the full taste experience due to their small openings and the lack of an elegant design. Additionally, a lot of reusable cups leak, and having to take the various components apart often makes cleaning more laborious than it needs to be.

Consumption often excludes sustainability, but with IRISgo cups, you can combine both elements. A sustainable lifestyle – without having to sacrifice enjoyment and convenience. The thermos cup features an innovative sealing system and is revolutionising the drinkware market.


Combining sustainability and enjoyment.
With the Swiss-made IRISgo cup, we’ve developed a thermos cup that lets you enjoy your drinks anywhere. The innovative sealing system with a large opening turns your take-away coffee into a relaxed and enjoyable experience instead of just a hectic stop on your way to work. With just one twist, the IRISgo cup is leak-proof. And it doesn’t have a cumbersome lid, which also makes cleaning a breeze. Leak-proof and insulated (6h cold, 3h warm) with double-walled stainless steel, the IRISgo cups allow you to enjoy your coffee as if you were drinking from your favourite cup at home.

Find out more: irisgo.ch

The jury

The expert jury of the Igeho Rising Star Award 2023:

Prof. Dr. Claus Heinrich Daub 

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Professor for Sustainable Corporate Management, FHNW

Marina Helm Romaneschi

Marina-Helm-Romaneschi.jpg (0.1 MB)

Marketing & Strategie, Swiss Food Research

Prof. Daniel Huber

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Partner at the innovation consultancy firm inobooster.com, former Co-President of swissfuture

Christine Schäfer

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Researcher und Speaker, GDI

Pascal Bieri

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Co-Founder Planted Foods

Raphael Wyniger

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Owner, Wyniger Gruppe

Igeho Rising Star 2023 supported by Transgourmet/Prodega: Statements

Benjamin Eulau

«It is very important to us that Igeho also gives founders and start-ups the opportunity to present themselves to the trade public. Their solutions and innovations are groundbreaking for the future of the industry.»

Benjamin Eulau, Brand Director, Igeho & Lefa

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«I can only warmly recommend participation in Igeho Rising Star to other founders - a great opportunity for start-ups to present themselves to an exciting audience of experts and to benefit from a broad network.»

Pascal Bieri, Co-Founder, Planted

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«As a strong partner of the Swiss hospitality industry, we are a proud supporter of the Igeho Rising Star 2023. The promotion of innovative founding concepts and start-ups is groundbreaking for a successful future of the industry, for which we are also unconditionally committed.»

Pascal Krebs, Head of Marketing and Procurement, Transgourmet/Prodega

Supporting Partner Igeho Rising Star 2023

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