Product Igeho 2023

Easycooler Minibars and Elsafe Room Safes – by Hinti

With the Easycooler Minibar, available in sizes of 36 liters and 40 liters, Hinti provides the ideal minibar solution for your guest rooms. The Elsafe room safes ensure optimal and highest security comfort for your guests' valuables.

Easycooler Minibar

The Easycooler Minibar utilizes innovative Peltier technology. This modern and ecological technique results in a significant reduction (-30%) in energy consumption. Additionally, there is no longer a need for defrosting. Unlike a compression refrigerator, Peltier cooling has no moving parts, meaning both the 36-liter and 40-liter versions are completely silent.

Elsafe Room Safes

All Elsafe safes are user-friendly, offer the highest level of security comfort, and feature electronically password-protected emergency opening units (no master code/mechanical key).

Zenith Drawer

Flexible, space-saving installation option in a drawer (opens upward).


The proven safe is available in various sizes.


UL certified with a patented Elsafe locking mechanism.