Product Igeho 2023

ELOMA GENIUS MT and MULTIMAX: revolutionising the kitchen

This is where innovation and style meet maximum efficiency. The new generation of ELOMA combi-steamers is here to transform the way you cook and bake. Raise the bar in your kitchen with the GENIUS MT and MULTIMAX.

The two new combi-streamers ELOMA GENIUS MT and MULTIMAX took inspiration from the ELOMA JOKER, and the result is a timeless, striking design. But it's about more than just appearances. These new combi-steamers are loaded with new features designed to simplify and enhance kitchen workflows.

The new Eco Steam feature is a prime example of sustainable cooking, taking water saving to the next level. Reducing water usage not only delivers savings, but also guarantees better results.

Thanks to the new 9-inch touch screen and user-friendly interface, using the combi-steamers is easier than ever. Beginners and experts alike will find the experience of cooking with the Eloma combi-steamers unique and intuitive.

With the autoclean PRO feature, painstaking manual cleaning becomes a thing of the past. Just one tap is all it takes: before long, the combi-steamer will be shining and ready to produce your next culinary masterpiece.

Experience the future of cooking and baking with the new Eloma GENIUS MT and MULTIMAX combi-steamers.