Product Igeho 2023

FRESH-MASTER - always fresh, always cool

With the special FRESH-MASTER vehicle from Gamo, you can deliver meat & sausage, fish or dairy products fresh and safely to your customers. You choose the integrated professional units - customised to your needs.

In times when flexibility and mobility are becoming increasingly important, the GAMO FRESH-MASTER is the perfect partner for the transport and mobile sale of chilled sausage, meat, fish, and dairy products. The equipment is precisely tailored to the needs of the industry. With the FRESH-MASTER, you are always properly equipped for touring and market sales. The functional interior and the professional equipment used make the sales trolley with refrigerated counter an efficient mobile or stationary sales unit.

Events, weekly markets or even temporary sales points can be easily managed with the GAMO FRESH-MASTER. Equipped with an integrated refrigerated counter, this automobile not only gets your goods safely from A to B, but also keeps them fresh and appetising during transport. With a robust, temperature-controlled refrigerated counter, you can be sure that your products are always in perfect condition, no matter where the road takes you.

The integrated state-of-the-art refrigeration systems guarantee that meat and other perishable goods always comply with legal requirements. The reliable Air-Plus 2 refrigerated counter with refrigeration unit down to -43° Celsius meets even the strictest hygiene standards.

The GAMO FRESH-MASTER more than meets the ever-changing requirements of catering businesses and butchers. Flexibility, quality, and efficiency: take your business to the next level with this mobile refrigerated counter.