News Igeho 2023

Further development on all levels

CASABLANCA Campus In addition to the continuous software development, the Schönwies-based company CASABLANCA hotelsoftware has now also tackled the spatial expansion.

What began 33 years ago with a vision of Managing Director Alexander Ehrhart is now lived practice and the digital basis of more than 2,000 hotel and accommodation businesses of all sizes - from private room rentals to hotel chains - in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. His initial idea: a computer programme with which the work processes in the hotel industry could be digitalised and thus made more efficient.

Farsightedness was in demand

"Even at that time, the goal was to digitalise and automate all bureaucratic processes around the hotel reception. After all, the focus of the reception should primarily be on the service of the guests and not on unnecessary bureaucracy," explains Ehrhart. Already at that time - in the early days of the computer age, mind you - the foresight of the Schönwies entrepreneur was evident. The rest is history. Today, more than 50 employees take care of customers from the hotel industry.

An ear to the customer

Continuous growth also requires continuous development of innovative software and cloud solutions. CASABLANCA is aware of this: "The product portfolio and the software features continue to grow and adapt to the needs that we observe directly from our customers' practical experience. The exchange and feedback is essential for the further development of our offer, the wishes and inputs come primarily directly from practice. In addition to developing new products and features, we also attach great importance to optimising existing solutions," says Ehrhart.

Everything from one source and one company

All digital tools are developed, marketed and distributed directly in the Schönwies and Innsbruck locations by a constantly growing team. "In this point we already stand out from the competition. Despite our growth, it is very important to us to maintain the personal support of our customers. We are the central contact for all matters concerning hotel software. One service that our customers particularly appreciate is our support team, which is available 365 days a year to answer questions or solve problems. We want to deliver quality, and from our point of view, personal customer support in the IT sector is particularly important," is the response from the Schönwies-based software company.

New company building under construction

In addition to the constant further development and expansion of the product and customer portfolio, CASABLANCA is now also expanding its premises. A branch office has already been opened in Innsbruck in 2022 and construction of the new headquarters in Schönwies has begun. The new CASABLANCA hotelsoftware campus combines workspace, leisure facilities and a training centre and offers numerous special features and benefits for the staff. For example, there will be a separate fitness area, a canteen, two golf simulators and a spacious terrace with swimming pool for the employees. The new premises should be ready for occupancy as early as the beginning of 2024. Since the office in Innsbruck is also bursting at the seams, additional office space is also being planned there.