Product Igeho 2023

Gastro Cash System – fast, compact and easy to use

Extremely fast, compact and easy to use Android Cash System with Auto-Sync. Does not need any server nor a current connection to the internet. LIVE DEMO at Pistor booth 1.1 / A038.

Extremely fast

Gastro Cash offers a design that is designed to the max for being used in your company by design and functionality. You reach anything with one single click.

You see only what you need

Why should you see a number keyboard if you don't need it just now? Why should you see the names of all other sales persons if you are in the midst of a sale?

Extremely flexible configuration

Add groups with pictures. Show articles in their color. Choose a waiter by his photo. Show rooms and tables like they look in reality. Configure printers at your ease.

Auto-Sync between all units

Combine as many tablets, mobile phones and printers whereever you want them to be. Gastro Cash syncs them directly in the local network among the Android terminals without any server and internet in a matter of seconds.