Service Igeho 2023

GG+connect: a one-click service for your whole suite of appliances

GEHRIG GROUP’s cutting-edge application GG+connect allows you to control your suite of appliances with just one click, monitoring all essential information centrally.

GG+connect gives you complete digital control of your operation, all in the one application. Not only can you track the status of each machine, current energy consumption and operating costs in real time; you can also access all your appliances from anywhere at any time. No matter the brand or appliance type, they are all managed centrally.

Report machine faults and schedule call-outs with ease. The application also notifies you about error messages, and you can conveniently re-order detergent in our integrated online shop.

GG+connect can be customised with additional services to meet your needs.

Equip your catering business for the digital future with GG+connect. It’s quick, easy and secure.

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