Service Igeho 2023

GG+order: the solution for contactless ordering and payment

The innovative digital solution GG+order is revolutionising the ordering and payment process in catering establishments and hotels. By optimising workflows and enhancing the guest experience, this system offers a host of benefits.

GG+order from GEHRIG GROUP is a simple digital service enhancement for catering establishments and hotels. With GG+order, your customers can order and pay contactlessly. Their orders are sent straight to the kitchen, where the dishes are freshly prepared. The waiting staff can see all the orders placed at any one time and can spend more time catering to the needs of guests.

GG+order doesn't just mean more satisfied guests and more time for waiting staff. It also offers a host of other advantages. By increasing your table turnover rate, you can minimise idle time and increase revenue. This digital ordering system also opens up lucrative up- and cross-selling opportunities.

Language barriers are not an issue for GG+order, as it can automatically translate your menu into up to 27 languages. What’s more, it can indicate the allergens and ingredients contained in each dish.

Unleash your company’s future potential. GG+order is a modern, forward-thinking solution that will not only support you, but put you ahead of the competition with more efficiency, an enhanced guest experience and greater profitability.

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