Product Igeho 2023

Manage the entire operation simply and centrally in one place

The heart of the overall hotel software solution is the Property Management System (PMS) with graphic room plan, guest management, correspondence management, and much more.

The Property Management System (PMS) by CASABLANCA simplifies work processes, makes your employees more productive and facilitates everyday work. The hotel software impresses with a simple user interface that is intuitive and easy to learn.

Room plan

The room plan is the revolutionary core of the CASABLANCA hotel software. All reservations are clearly displayed there. Of course, these can also be easily moved, adjusted and edited.

Guest management

In the guest administration, all contacts can be saved and edited. Any motives (regular guest, etc.) can be assigned to each contact. This means that the guest file is also the starting point for further marketing activities.

Correspondence & letter management

The possibilities are almost limitless, from standardised offer and reservation emails that are optimised for all end devices and can be booked directly, to Outlook inbox synchronisation and all automated mailings.

Billing / account management

The central, legally compliant creation and management of all invoices is no problem with CASABLANCA hotelsoftware. All services can be easily booked and invoicing processed in the account module.

Lists & evaluations

Countless lists and statistics can be generated from the stored data, which flow in from all areas of the hotel software. These form the basis for all management, marketing and sales activities.