Interview Igeho 2023

Roland Lienhard of NovaTaste

NovaTaste is a global leader in the development of innovative flavor solutions. Roland Lienhard, Managing Director for the Swiss market, answered our questions and told us how HOGASHOP can help to strengthen its market position.

NovaTaste is a globally leading company in the development of innovative flavor solutions. Headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, with locations across Europe, America, and Asia, NovaTaste offers customized and sustainable solutions to food manufacturers, butcheries, and gastronomy establishments. Their extensive range of ingredients and solutions includes herbs, spices, spice blends, marinades, and functional ingredients, catering to diverse end markets. Through continuous innovation, global expertise, and a passion for flavor, NovaTaste sets new standards for the future of nutrition. With over 1,800 employees, the company serves more than 11,000 customers worldwide, with sustainability, trust, and customer success at its core.

The Swiss-based production of Mühlehof spices forms an integral part of NovaTaste Switzerland's service portfolio, where flavorful spice blends and compounds are created specifically for Swiss specialties and customer preferences. Roland Lienhard, CEO for the Swiss market, coordinates product development for the Swiss market in collaboration with the headquarters and all activities related to Switzerland.

What is Schlaraffenland, and what benefits do and HOGASHOP offer?

Schlaraffenland is one of several online shopping channels that we offer to our customers. For our customers, it brings many advantages, especially in the context of digitization, such as improved order transparency and analysis. For us, it provides access to customers who prefer this platform.

How are these solutions implemented in your business?

We have both large and small customers. When we achieve quantity bundling in the logistics process, it provides us with an advantage in our operational processes. Otherwise, an order proceeds like any other order: we receive the order from the HOGASHOP system, create it in the ERP, process it, and then pick, pack, and ship it. Instead of going directly to the customer, shipping is done through Schlaraffenland via the central logistics center. Orders are then consolidated for each respective customer. The difference lies with the customer, who benefits greatly from the excellent service.

How can digitization in general and Schlaraffenland/HOGASHOP in particular contribute to sustainability?

Potential growth and further system integrations like EDI interfaces could optimize processes and costs. The benefits lie in strengthening market positions and the resulting success. In terms of resource use and shipping, there are minimal internal differences.

Do you have any final thoughts to share?

Schlaraffenland has established a very valuable service here, which is highly appreciated in the market. I hope that, through a fruitful collaboration, we can further develop the business model. Thanks to the excellent service, the market position of all involved parties is enhanced, ultimately leading to success. Essentially, this is the most important aspect and the one I advocate for.

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