Product Igeho 2023

ScanPay&Go - self service of the second generation

24 hour shop. It doesn't matter whether you run ScanPay&Go hybrid in a store parallel to a serviced area or completely autonomous as 365/7/24 self-service or in whatever combination of both.

Maybe you offer service during the day for all those who want personal contact and still keep your shop open, when all service people enjoy their end of work: we offer you the best solutions in order that you can increase frequencies, satisfaction for customers and employees, reputation and mainly your gains. At the same time, we offer your customers a shopping experience to enjoy and to tell others about it.

Your advantages:

  • More customers with self-service
  • More frequency with self-service
  • More turnaround with self-service
  • More gains with self-service
  • More spare time with self-service