Product Igeho 2023

Stress-free Spa treatment, easy organisation of wellness appointments

With the CASABLANCA spa and wellness administration, the organisation of your spa facility and its employees becomes child's play. Due to the direct PMS connection the booking and accounting is no big effort.

The guests wish wellness treatments or want to hold an event in the
hotel facilities? No problem!

Simple & fast

A wide variety of wellness treatments can be added to the desired date by drag & drop. Nothing stands in the way of a quick appointment scheduling.

Full overview

You always have an overview of whether and how long the rooms and employees are booked. A clear time window for each day provides information about the current appointment situation at a glance.

Connection with the hotel software

Each appointment can be directly linked to the guest account or to the reservation from the room schedule. Thus, it is not necessary to enter all guest data again, because they have already been created during the reservation.