Product Igeho 2023

The IRISgo® cup - an innovative solution for sustainable drinking enjoyment

Did you know that we absorb around 80% of the flavour we perceive through our nose? Enjoy your favourite drink on the go in an environmentally conscious way and experience an intense drinking experience with the IRISgo® cup.

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, there are a number of ways to reduce our ecological footprint. One of these is to avoid single-use products.

But what do you do if you want to enjoy beverages on the go?

The small drinking openings of disposable cups and most reusable cups seal in the flavour of the beverage, and we often burn our tongues while drinking.

The solution: the IRISgo® cup - an innovative reusable cup that not only enables sustainable drinking pleasure, but also impresses with its outstanding design.

The IRISgo® cup has a large drinking opening through which the flavour of coffee, tea or other beverages is optimally absorbed.

Did you know that we absorb around 80 % of the flavour we perceive through our nose?

A larger drinking opening therefore also means a more intense and authentic flavour experience.

The innovative closure system makes it possible to close the cup leak-proof with just one twist - without an annoying lid that often gets lost and is difficult to clean.

In line with the motto 'created to enjoy sustainability', we are actively contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle without losing sight of the idea of enjoyment.


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