Product Igeho 2023

The UPster® K has it all under control

Top quality cleaning in tiny spaces, flexible planning and economical operation - that is the new generation of UPster® K rack type dishwashing machines.

Offering efficient washing performance, user-friendly operation, maximum flexibility, and exceptional value for money, UPster ® K machines are the perfect partner in crime if your dishwashing area needs a rack-based solution. Their adaptable length allows warewashing capacity to be tailored precisely and highly effective heat recovery with no need for vents means no compromise on indoor climate. The maximum passing height of 508 mm makes space for even tall or bulky washware in the UPster® K. And the latest generation of machines is economical, too: save 35% on water and cleaning agents, and reduce energy consumption by over 20%. Now that's what we call saving on dishwashing.