Product Igeho 2023

Wanzl Mini-Market

Wanzl Hotel Service is developing modular mini-market concepts for the hotel lobby or other suitable hotel spaces such as foyers, mezzanines, and the like. This allows hotels to cater to the needs of their guests at any time of day or night.

Modular Supermarkets in Hotels – Mini-Markets

Applications for supermarkets in the hotel lobby.

Mini-markets cater to the immediate needs of hotel guests at any time of day.

Operating hours of up to 24/7 are possible, as well as hybrid models (with staff during the day, staff-less at night).

The following areas of application are addressed:

  1. Quick on-the-go breakfast.
  2. Snacks at any time of day and night.
  3. Items forgotten at home can be conveniently purchased on-site.
  4. Cozy evenings in the room with wine and beer."