Product Igeho 2023

Your digital ecosystem for HoReCa

RunMyResto optimally serves the growing demand for digital ordering and payment options within the catering industry. Our new approaches go beyond traditional cash register systems and offer a variety of functions specifically tailored to the needs of modern catering businesses.

This includes digital QR code menus, mobile ordering and payment options through to table reservations and kitchen monitors. Of course, all new features are maximally integrated into the existing environments. Anyone who already successfully uses HS-Soft in their day-to-day business can expand their catering business thanks to RunMyResto and make smart use of the existing data.

We would like to mention MobileWaiter 2.0 as a highlight here. Started as a classic ordering mobile phone in version 1.0, numerous new functions were implemented in version 2.0. Particularly noteworthy is the exclusively created option to combine payment by card directly in the same device. No more manual, error-prone amount entry on an external EFT device. Each person in service only needs a cell phone to complete the ordering and payment process perfectly.

And because we have already mentioned hybrid gastronomy: Anyone who runs a summer terrace (and is desperate to find staff) should take a closer look at our QR menu. Guests can order and pay themselves using their smartphones using a simple QR code on each table. The service only brings drinks and food to the table, but does not involve any hassle with the ordering and payment process.