Atelier Igeho 2023

Masterclass: Seduce guests sustainably with nudging

Gastronomic sustainability is becoming increasingly important. But how do you get your guests to choose sustainable food? Learn from GastroFutura how to use nudging to entice guests to make sustainable choices, not only supporting the environment but also promoting your success.

Sustainability is an increasingly central success factor for the future of the catering industry. Sustainable options can be found in many establishments, but are they really ordered by guests? This is exactly where nudging can help: Through subtle hints or incentives, you steer guests' decisions in the desired direction and thus seduce them to make sustainable choices. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your success in the long run.

In our masterclass, we first provide a brief introduction to the topic of nudging and show how it can be implemented in sustainability measures in catering businesses. Afterwards, we will deal with the topic in small groups by means of different workshops. Finally, we will share the insights gained in the plenary session.
The Masterclass is organised by GastroFutura. GastroFutura is a nationwide practical network for restaurateurs and stakeholders in the sector who are committed to a sustainable future for the catering industry. GastroFutura connects people and ideas, organises sustainable events and accompanies gastronomy businesses on their way to sustainability transformation.


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Speakers (2)

Andi Handke

Andi Handke

Chef & Co-Initiator GastroFutura

Muriel Fischer

Muriel Fischer

Project Management & Communication GastroFutura