Special event Igeho 2023

SVG-Symposium 2023: More than just greenwashing! Implementing sustainability in a meaningful way

Resource awareness is a must today - it is no longer enough to simply leave out the plastic tubes. Another difference: The next shitstorm is never far away... Many a restaurateur wonders how they can really get serious about sustainability - despite a constant lack of time and money.

"To please all people is an art that no one can do", is a German proverb. And today it is probably truer than ever! 

As if the tension between environmental protection and climate change, guest expectations, cost pressure, staff shortages and stress were not already great enough: In times of social media and constant media attention, there is also a mean little phantom: the constant fear of putting one's foot in one's mouth and receiving a shitstorm.

"What am I even allowed to cook anymore?" 

So the pressure to be sustainable is getting greater and greater. Today's consumers are better informed than ever (or at least they think they are) due to the availability of information online. If we are being honest: The guest is quite rightly no longer satisfied if you as a restaurateur simply replace the plastic tubes. Greenwashing no longer works, full transparency behind the scenes is required - and no one can avoid it!

Implementing sustainable concepts in a way that really benefits everyone - the environment, guests, employees and the business - is something many restaurateurs struggle with. How do you make it not only look good on the outside, but also actually work out well? 

Experience shows that solutions are simple. But they have to fit the culture and the possibilities of the business.

Johanna Altenberger, Head of Gastronomy at Swiss Re, knows this too. She has enjoyed implementing sustainability in her business. The experienced gastronomy expert knows the essential ingredients of a successful "sustainability recipe": a common goal, a reliable measurement methodology, participatory design, good communication - and above all a pleasure in learning and creativity in the kitchen.

Learn first-hand how Swiss Re was able to achieve a lot with little effort and greatly reduce its environmental impact - without sacrificing the satisfaction of guests and employees. 

The sustainability experts from "tsuku" - Gabi Hildesheimer (biologist) and Moritz Jäger (business psychologist and behavioural economist) - will show how to develop a successful long-term vision and how even seemingly viciously complicated decisions can be made quite simply with the help of rules of thumb.

Finally, the round will be opened for the exchange of experiences, success stories and creative approaches to solutions. The conversations can be further deepened at the networking aperitif.

The event is held in German.


  • Participation in the symposium "More than just greenwashing! –  implementing sustainability in a meaningful way" costs CHF 40 for SVG members and CHF 60 for non-members.
  • Registration via SVG Symposium.


  • German

Speakers (3)

Moritz Jäger

Moritz Jäger

Business psychologist and behavioural economist

Gabi Hildesheimer

Gabi Hildesheimer


Johanna Altenberger

Johanna Altenberger

Head of Gastronomy at Swiss Re