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Transgourmet Schweiz AG 1.1 / A094

Igeho Rising Star Award: Public voting

On 22.11.2023, the Igeho Rising Star Award supported by Transgourmet/Prodega will be presented in Basel at Igeho 2023. Six finalists will present their innovations live on a stage on Wednesday afternoon.

Adrian & Diego Mathier 1.1 / B006

Top products for top restaurateurs

Top wines for top restaurateurs - for the unique moment of enjoyment in the glass. If you want to leave an unforgettable impression on your guests, you should leave nothing to chance. This also applies to the selection of wines.

Media release

Igeho Rising Star 2023: Announcement of the six finalists

The following six founders and start-ups have qualified as finalists for the Igeho Rising Star supported by Transgourmet/Prodega: Field Food (Illnau), IRISgo (Horw), kooky (Zurich), Luya Foods (Bern), olanga (Brugg) and Simon & Josef (Giffers).

Vendomat AG 1.1 / C131

The cash system for the gastronomy - fast, flexible and cloud-based

Optimize your business with our user-friendly all-in-one cash system. Increase sales & service quality, avoid incorrect bookings & simplify administration. Stay flexible & up-to-date - discover our digital solution for gastronomy now!

Emmi Schweiz AG 1.1 / D046

beleaf it or not

Cooking and baking with beleaf products is super easy and hip. Surprise your customers with simple recipes that are guaranteed to succeed, visually convincing, delicious and, by the way, lactose-free.

Swiss Premium AG 1.1 / A056

Trecce di Mozzarella

It is shaped by hand (and not mechanically), hence varying in size and weight. A hand-pulled mozzarella with an incomparable texture. Its milky flavor will delight you. Nodini (Knots) - The master cheesemaker hand-crafts the mozzarella into the right portions and shape.

Infratek AG - Dampfsauger 1.0 / D510

Full steam power for food production and gastronomy

The multifunctional devices of the BlueEvolution series inspire users in terms of handling and cleaning results. These are innovative solutions that offer completely new possibilities to the food sector and gastronomy.

ECEX Group AG 1.1 / D166

Money exchange as a hotel service

Hotels often face the challenge of providing currency exchange services to their guests. Handling multiple currencies, ensuring accuracy, pose challenges for hotel staff. However, we have the solution to satisfy your guests' foreign currency needs — the Automated Currency Exchange Machine.

My Gusto GmbH – House of Steam 1.1 / D012

sisisi gourmet bowls - taste like freshly cooked.

Since many years, sisisi has been working on the development of the next generation of ready meals, because quality is important to us. With a patented Quick-Steam technology, dishes are gently heated in seconds.

GKM Gewerbekühlmöbel AG 1.0 / C403

grüezi, bienvenue, bennvenuti, allegra, welcome to the GKM refrigeration platform at Igeho!

The GKM Refrigeration Platform focuses on the needs of the gastronomy, bar and hotel, food and beverage trade. As an expert in refrigeration equipment, GKM presents "end-customer oriented projects" with innovative new products from top suppliers in Europe.

Swiss Premium AG 1.1 / A056

Our Mozzarella - the best pizza outside of Italy

Our Newest Addition. A must for a typical Neapolitan pizza. Made from fresh, sustainable Swiss milk that meets the swissmilk green standard. A Mozzarella created from a traditional recipe with an unparalleled texture. Its creamy flavor will delight you.

Beer Grill AG 1.0 / D102

Stop wasting energy and bring the energy saving feeling with you!

When it comes to savings, lean work processes and energy-efficient equipment are the key to success. Discover the potential of ESS: Maximise profits and minimise energy costs.

Beer Grill AG 1.0 / D102

From Villmergen to the world: The success formula of Swiss precision and in-house production

From food dispensing showcases and convenience shelves to warming plates and professional grills - our products stand for first-class quality, proudly made in Switzerland.

Ausländische Biere AG - Biere aus aller Welt 1.1 / B071

Prost with Paulaner!

As the official Swiss importer of Paulaner it is Ausländische Biere AG`s aim to bring the spirit of Münich to you through a great beer assortment and, of course, events such as Octoberfest.

DIRS21 by TourOnline AG 1.1 / C153

DIRS21 Cockpit

Cutting edge technology to give you broader coverage, more revenue, and most importantly, more time to concentrate on your guests. We have included many of our customers' wishes and suggestions in the DIRS21 Cockpit control centre, which is based on a new system architecture.

Divina Food AG 1.1 / A056

Delivery Service - Food Service

We are developing and enhancing our own delivery service, which we consider the centerpiece of our food service. Currently, we operate a state-of-the-art fleet of 10 trucks. We assure you the maintenance of the cold chain and a professional service.

Raps Schweiz AG 1.1 / C010

We are (spice)exotics!

With our subsidiary Biova, we are specifically expanding our organic range. Discover our Biova novelties in the assortment. Specialising in exotic, natural and high-quality salts, pepper, sugar, chillies, spices and blends (conventional and organic).

Schnarwiler SWISS MADE COSMETICS & Amenities 1.1 / C130

Schnarwiler SWISS MADE beauty products also as a private label

Our natural and sustainable products, made by Schnarwiler Cosmetics, can be personalized with your own hotel logo and design. From shampoo and shower gel to luxurious face cream and scented hand and body washes, we offer a wide range of options.

Agrano AG 1.1 / B090

Tasty clinical nutrition

Moltein Fino Pudding is a balanced, high-protein innovation for people with malnutrition or difficulty chewing or swallowing. It provides the body with important nutrients in a balanced, controlled quantity, relieves the symptoms of malnutrition, and can be claimed back from the health insurer.

Kisag AG 1.0 / C410

The Kisag whipper: our culinary all-rounder

Kisag whippers are ideal for preparing cream soups, frothy sauces and airy-light foams, all to gourmet standards. What’s more, they’re quick and easy to use. Last but not least, our Kisag Thermo Whipper will even keep your culinary creations at the desired star-level.

Tropical Mountains GmbH

Fair coffee with great taste

On our Tropical Mountains family farm, we grow certified organic and fair trade coffee - traceable from the bean in the tropical highlands to the fragrant cup of coffee in your home.

Hunkeler Distribution GmbH 1.1 / B086

The "Originale Pinsa Romana" food concept

The optimal product package for the "Pinseria" food concept or the individual products available exclusively from Hunkeler Distribution. From the Pinsa bases, to Frozen Fior di latte sticks, baked in the matching oven, served on the Pinsa serving boards & as a finish: delicious topping creams.

EIPRO-Vermarktung GmbH & Co. KG 1.1 / B041

nøgg Scrambled Eggs plant-based, liquid – simply. Without egg.

nøgg is a plant-based egg alternative and perfect for those who want to meet the demands of a new and continually growing target group. The attractive appearance and delicious taste are sure to win you over. The preparation is simple, and your creations are sure to be a success.

EIPRO-Vermarktung GmbH & Co. KG 1.1 / B041

nøgg Scrambled Eggs plant-based, frozen – Simply. Without egg.

nøgg is a plant-based egg alternative and perfect for those who want to meet the demands of a new and continually growing target group. The attractive appearance and delicious taste are sure to win you over. The preparation is simple, and your creations are sure to be a success.