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The azado Grill combines the centuries-old Argentine tradition of grilling (asado in Spanish) with the innovations of our Western culture. Thus, azado offers the answer to the most frequently asked question when it comes to grilling: “Charcoal or gas?” – azado!


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Philosophy: We developed a grill for ourselves. We made no compromises in production and spared no expense. Our goal was to make life as easy as possible for the grill chef. After 10 years of development, the grill and the grill chef definitely deserve an applause.

Longevity: An azado grill lasts for life. It will definitely be part of your will because it will bring joy for generations to come. Every single screw made of chrome steel, wall thicknesses between 1-3mm thick and precision, as is known from Swiss mechanical engineering, guarantee its enormous longevity.

Functionality: There are no limits to grilling. The possibility of choosing between archaic fire, glowing coal and rapid gas flame is already unique in the world. The highlight of lighting the charcoal with gas within 6 minutes is an absolute sensation and combines the advantages of both worlds.

Sustainability: 80% of our production takes place in Switzerland, our homeland. Our product is made of high-quality materials that require longevity, which is contrary to today's throwaway society. In addition, with the revolutionary gas element, we managed to reduce coal consumption by 35% and gas consumption by 66%. The total CO2 emissions with an azado grill are significantly lower than with a conventional gas or charcoal grill.