BonApp Group SA

BonApp Group SA

Short description

BonApp Group SA is a user-friendly point of sales and digital menu web-application for food trucks, restaurants and hotels. It allows for streamlined operations management, improved and accelerated customer service, and real-time business analytics that increase revenues and reduce staff costs.

Offer, Specialist areas

  • O Billing and booking systems
  • O Bar
  • O Digitalisation / Software, Blockchain
  • O Event and catering
  • O Information systems
  • O Overall IT solutions
  • O Cash registers and accessories
  • O Cash register system
  • O Communication systems
  • O Kitchen technology
  • O Marketing and advertising
  • O Menu, wine, bar and dessert cards
  • O Network infrastructure
  • O Room service
  • O Sales and marketing software
  • O Promotional articles/give-aways
  • S IT & Digital
  • S Kitchen Technology

About us

BonApp’s dynamic, innovative team constantly refines our application, introducing bi-monthly features for exceptional customer support. We ensure our application is versatile, catering to a spectrum of business sizes from startups to corporations. Prioritizing user experiences, we foster a collaborative environment, making your success our ultimate goal.