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BRITA, is one of the world's leading experts in drinking water optimisation. Founded in 1966, the inventor of the household table water filter develops, produces and distributes innovative drinking water solutions for private and commercial use.


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About us

BRITA - the expert in drinking water optimisation

Founded in 1966, BRITA is the inventor of the table water filter and today one of the leading companies in drinking water optimisation. With 30 national and international subsidiaries or operating facilities as well as participations, sales and industrial partners in 70 countries, it is present on all five continents and develops, produces and sells a wide range of innovative solutions for drinking water optimisation. To ensure that customers can use the best possible water for their respective requirements, BRITA has tailor-made answers to the essential questions when it comes to drinking water and its optimisation.

BRITA Professional Filter offers the out-of-home market a variety of filter solutions with which the water is precisely adapted to the needs of the user. This ensures that the best possible water is available for every requirement - for optimal protection of the equipment and the highest quality of food and beverages.

BRITA VIVREAU stands for the water dispenser segment in the BRITA Group. With piped water dispensers, there is a source of fresh, filtered and hygienically perfect premium bottled water directly in the house. Whether it's businesses, healthcare facilities, or the hospitality industry, switching from plastic bottles to a water dispenser is an easy step towards greater sustainability.

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