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We brew craft beers in Winterthur in an artisanal way under the Euelbräu brand and also produce non-alcoholic soft drinks such as Samuel's Schorle - all in organic quality! With many years of experience in the field of contract bottling we are also a competent production partner for third parties.


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Euelbräu GmbH November 7, 2023

We bottle good things for you!

Are you looking for a production partner for your own beverage? We have many years of experience in contract bottling and extensive expertise in the production of beverages.

Igeho 2023

Euelbräu GmbH November 6, 2023

Samuel loves to celebrate

There should be something to celebrate every day! And if there's no birthday, party or anniversary? Then let's celebrate a nice day or life in general. Do we really need alcohol to toast? We don't think so, and that's why we have created "Samuel Feiert".

Igeho 2023

Euelbräu GmbH November 3, 2023

New – Euelbräu Porter Baltic Style - our beer for the cold season

How boring would the year be without seasons? It's the same with beer. Some types of beer are particularly popular at certain times of the year, because the character of the beer specialty then matches the season perfectly. That's why we brew our Euelbräu Porter Baltic Style.

Igeho 2023

Euelbräu GmbH November 1, 2023

The Organic Brewery that started with a Bet

Who would give up their well-paid job as the head of production of a beverage company to return to their origins and simply brew good beer? One person - the founder of Euelbräu - did and never regretted it.

Igeho 2023

Euelbräu GmbH October 30, 2023

Samuel's Schorle works thanks to its 3-in-1 formula: Refreshes, stands out, makes you smile!

What is important for guests? They want to feel welcome and comfortable at first sight, enjoy great, high quality food and drinks and they also like to be entertained and surprised. Samuel's Schorle offers all this in one bottle.

Igeho 2023

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About us

We are a family-run brewery and bottling company from Winterthur and brew with great passion and expertise characteristic and good drinkable  organic craft beers and produce non-alcoholic soft drinks such as Samuel's Schorle, a natural alternative to refresh yourself without added sugar or flavours in organic quality.

Naturalness and sustainability are important to us. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us to offer reusable bottles.

We also have many years of experience in the field of contract bottling, where we can offer our production partners comprehensive know-how in the development, production and marketing of carbonated and still beverages.

Our food safety system is certified according to the FSSC 22000 standard. We are also an organic certified company.