Rotor Lips AG

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Development, manufacture and trade of machines for gastronomy, bars, catering, bakeries, confectioneries, commercial food processing and discerning households.


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  • O Baking and confectionery machines
  • O Bar
  • O Cooking utensils
  • O Food processors
  • O Machines/equipment, tools and other accessories
  • S Kitchen Technology
  • S Kitchen Technology

About us

Rotor Lips AG in Uetendorf, Bern, is your specialist for everything that rotates and turns in a professional kitchen. Rotor Lips AG is a real centre of excellence for "Swiss Made" appliances that master the crucial processes in the professional kitchen. Cooks have relied on the above-average quality of Rotor and Lips machines for generations.

Today, our product range includes not only our own products such as mixers, centrifuges, vegetable slicers, attachments, beating and mixing machines, and Vacuum machines, but also various commercial products, imported products that receive a so-called "Swiss Finish" in Uetendorf. In the process, the appliances are adapted and supplemented to Swiss requirements and checked according to the latest safety guidelines.

The entrepreneurial credo of sustainability of Rotor Lips AG is of decisive importance: "We do not want to produce disposable articles". "You have to be able to repair every piece of equipment, that is imperative for us."

You can also shop conveniently in our online shop. Or if you prefer, you can contact the sales representative in your region directly. 

You will find the following brands in our range: Rotor, Lips, Feuma, Vac Star, Robot-Coupe, Varimixer, Zumex.