Winterhalter Gastronom AG

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We are Winterhalter, the warewashing specialist. A family company, now in its third generation. We are a byword for professional solutions, quality and reliability.


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  • O Digitalisation / Software, Blockchain
  • O Hygiene
  • O Food processors
  • O Cleaning
  • O Dishwashing technology
  • O Water treatment
  • S Kitchen Technology
  • S Kitchen Technology

About us

A lot of what makes Winterhalter what it is today has its roots in the past. In the 40s and 50s, when Karl Winterhalter founded and began developing the company. Even back then, certain things were characteristic of Winterhalter. Close proximity to the customer, for example. The desire to develop new solutions. And the courage to introduce these to the market. Or the drive to focus on even the smallest details and put quality above everything else. All of this has played a part in allowing a small company to develop from a machine supplier into a complete system provider for warewashing solutions.

Production is still carried out in Germany and Switzerland – that is not up for debate as far as owners Jürgen and Ralph Winterhalter are concerned. They consistently back quality and remain true to their roots. However pragmatic they are on this issue, their thinking is visionary in other areas. When it comes to the future of the company, for example. Winterhalter is currently in the process of taking warewashing solutions into the digital age. It’s still holding to its traditions, of course: with plenty of contact with customers and business partners. And always in line with the motto: as a warewashing specialist, we want to solve the washing problems of our customers.