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MEIKO (Suisse) AG 1.0 / A102

MEIKO provides the best equipment for reusable dishware

Take the path to a cleaner future with reusable dishware. MEIKO offers professional solutions for washing cups, bowls and bottles for a range of needs.

Me Group Switzerland AG 1.1 / E022

ME Group - Pizza machine Multiquattro

Multiquattro - fresh, hand-crafted pizza machine. The perfect concept for businesses who want to serve pizzas. The excellent heating power means they are done in only 4 minutes!

EPS Registrierkassen und Computer AG 1.1 / D159

Delivery service, take-away & self-ordering

The EPS ordering system is the perfect extension that keeps your POS system flexible and close to the customer. Offer your guests more convenience by offering your food via delivery and pick-up service.

reCIRCLE 1.0 / I005

Reduce food waste with reusable takeaway packaging

In Europe, a third of the food produced for humans is wasted. This doesn't have to be the case - we have a solution for reducing this proportion. Find out here what your contribution can be.

reCIRCLE 1.0 / I005

Reusable Packaging - Made Easy

reCIRCLE is revolutionizing takeaway dining with a reusable system. The Bern-based company offers a groundbreaking solution that relieves the environment and strengthens awareness of sustainability. Discover the innovative reusable packaging for on-the-go meals.

BonApp Group SA 1.0 / I001

Introducing the ultimate digital solution for your food truck – a swift and seamless culinary experience on wheels

Looking to create an unforgettable impact by delivering top-notch customer service? Eager to boost your earnings and tips? Fantasizing about automating those bustling hours, freeing you to focus on crafting mouthwatering dishes? Your search ends here! BonApp's intuitive POS system is for you.

TRESMER AG 1.1 / B151

Open around the clock, profitable around the clock - Tresmer makes it possible

CONVENIQ defines the shopping experience of the future. As a modular system with snacks, drinks, even coffee and parcel boxes for your mail, it optimizes last-mile sales in high-traffic areas.

BonApp Group SA 1.0 / I001

Enjoy a seamless dining experience with BonApp’s Mobile Order & Pay feature!

With only one click, access online & instant ordering and instant payment. Get empowered to savour your culinary journey at your own convenience and pace!

Electrolux Professional AG 1.0 / B304

GourmExpress - The new solution for high speed cooking

GourmExpress: The High Speed cooking solution for maximum result in minimum space. With the professional High Speed oven, you can serve delicious food quickly and easily, thanks to the combination of three different heating methods.

GSM Gastroservice GmbH 1.0 / A105

Pinsa Food Truck

Time to enjoy - treat yourself to a short break at our booth! Of course, we also offer reliable and, above all, tasty Pinsa catering for trade fair exhibitors. We will deliver to you within a very short time. We accept orders by telephone on 079 207 66 68 or on site.

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