Product Igeho 2023

Alpenluft Liqueur

Swiss House Spirit: The fresh air of the Swiss Alps. The glacier mint (peppermint and Moroccan mint) characterize our liqueur, the taste is rounded off by fresh edelweiss, these 3 herbs are sustainably grown on Valais glacial moraines.

Do you remember the glacier mint candies that are so bright blue?

EXACTLY THIS is how our mint liqueur tastes, the liquid version in the trendy bottle enriches every après-ski party as well as the balmy summer evening at home or at the bar - always a brilliant refreshment for your palate.

Our recommendation:
Pure as a shot or with lemonade, ice cream and fresh mint for a refreshing YETI
with our "Chrützli" ice cream mould you can achieve the maximum Swiss House Drink feeling.

500ml, 21% vol.