Product Igeho 2023


More food variety, safely kept cold. Together a DREAMTEAM! With the CoolMultiMobil, everything goes according to plan in food distribution. Perfectly suited for storage, transport and cooling of pre-portioned food components on trays, grids or in containers.


Portioning, storing, serving: With our CoolMultiMobil, you can keep food components that require refrigeration safely cold throughout the entire cold chain. The appliance thus ensures maximum safety with cold temperatures and relaxed processes in the kitchen. Keep cool! Thanks to modern technology and excellent handling properties, the CoolMultiMobil also offers many other benefits.


Thanks to convection cooling, the CoolMultiMobil ensures constant temperature distribution on all levels. A vertical air curtain in the front area reliably separates the cooled interior from the outside temperatures. This air curtain technology means that the CoolMultiMobil can be operated even with the blinds open on both sides without losing any cold - and even for several hours. There is no need for the annoying and time-consuming opening and closing of doors, as is necessary with other refrigerators. The mobile refrigerator uses the future-proof refrigerant R290, which is characterised by its low GWP value (Global Warming Potential).