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Gehrig Group AG several locations

HOBART TWO-LEVEL-WASHER: intelligent washing on two levels

The HOBART TWO-LEVEL-WASHER (TLW) is the ideal solution for greater capacity and flexibility. With an additional washing chamber, the TLW offers twice the capacity per wash cycle while saving space at the same time.

MEIKO (Suisse) AG 1.0 / A102

MEIKO provides the best equipment for reusable dishware

Take the path to a cleaner future with reusable dishware. MEIKO offers professional solutions for washing cups, bowls and bottles for a range of needs.

smartTONi 1.1 / B158

Make your COUNTER smart: for increasing productivity even with unskilled staff

smartTONi develops solutions to optimise repetitive activities in the kitchen. For example: upgrade your existing counters to be error-free and up to 50% faster at scooping.

Gehrig Group AG several locations

HOBART washing solutions for reusable tableware: where hygiene meets sustainability

Sustainability, hygiene and efficiency are top priorities in today’s catering industry and events sector. The HOBART washing solutions for reusable tableware produce hygienic, dry reusable cups and bottles every time.

heer ag several locations

Quooker new in the heer ag range!

Modernise your kitchen sustainably and replace your tap with a Quooker! The Quooker tap fits into the opening of your existing tap. Hot, cold, 100°C boiling and chilled sparkling and still water from the tap in no time at all.

Emmi Schweiz AG 1.1 / D046

The novelty on the Swiss market The Emmi Suisse Bag in Box whole milk 7.6L

The system combines the highest quality standards with practical advantages for institutions, companies and businesses that value efficiency and sustainability. Thanks to the innovative closure system and packaging, the box can be connected directly to a coffee machine.

GKM Gewerbekühlmöbel AG 1.0 / C403

GKM presents the highest ice quality from the world market leader Hoshizaki

Discover ice of outstanding quality with GKM and Hoshizaki, the world leader in ice production. Hoshizaki machines are robust and efficient, delivering ice quickly in a variety of shapes - from ice cubes to flake ice - even in extreme conditions.

Kisag AG 1.0 / C410

The Kisag whipper: our culinary all-rounder

Kisag whippers are ideal for preparing cream soups, frothy sauces and airy-light foams, all to gourmet standards. What’s more, they’re quick and easy to use. Last but not least, our Kisag Thermo Whipper will even keep your culinary creations at the desired star-level.

Gehrig Group AG several locations

Moretti Forni serieX: where innovative baking technology meets top design

Discover serieX – the revolutionary, easy-to-use multifunctional oven with low energy consumption. Bake perfect pizzas simply and sustainably. With an iconic style that underlines its uniqueness, this oven looks the part in any setting.

RATIONAL Schweiz AG 1.0 / A204

RATIONAL services: Always the right one for you

The purchase of any iCombi or iVario unit will always come with certain services. Most of them will only cost you a smile. After all, you should always be able to get the most out of your cooking systems, enjoy your investment for a long time and get new ideas.

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