Product Igeho 2023

GKM presents the highest ice quality from the world market leader Hoshizaki

Discover ice of outstanding quality with GKM and Hoshizaki, the world leader in ice production. Hoshizaki machines are robust and efficient, delivering ice quickly in a variety of shapes - from ice cubes to flake ice - even in extreme conditions.

Experience live outstanding ice quality with GKM and Hoshizaki, the global leader in ice production. Hoshizaki is at the forefront of ice cube, nugget ice, crushed ice and flake ice makers worldwide.

Hoshizaki equipment is renowned for its robustness and efficiency. Even under extreme ambient conditions from 5° to 40°C and in humid environments, they deliver ice quickly and efficiently without much effort.

The ice produced by Hoshizaki is of exceptional quality - it is very firm and particularly clear. This makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from food service to the beverage industry.

With GKM and Hoshizaki, you get the highest quality ice that makes a difference.