Product Igeho 2023

Next-Generation Reservation System

aleno is the data-driven restaurant management software with the most efficient reservation system in the hospitality industry. For reliable reservations, optimized processes, and the identification of high-revenue guests.

🌟 Save 14 hours per week 

🌟0% revenue loss due to no-shows

🌟 100% reliable online reservations

🌟 Up to 40% increase in revenue

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Your Brand, Your Reservations

The online reservation module appears in the restaurant's look & feel, reinforcing your own brand. The widget can be integrated across all online channels for greater visibility and improved bookability.

βœ… Customizable reservation module

βœ… Reservations via website, Google, social media, and other platforms

βœ… Integration with Reserve with Google

βœ… No third-party advertising

βœ… Full data sovereignty

βœ… No commission, no additional costs

«It's important for us to have a white-label solution, so it doesn't suddenly say "reservations by whatever" somewhere. With aleno, we remain individual and can make a lot of adjustments within the tool» says Sarah Jensen, Chief Operations Officer at L'Osteria (160 Restaurants in 9 Countries).

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Efficiently Prevent No-Shows

With aleno, reservations gain greater value and reliability. Revenue losses can be completely eliminated.

βœ… Automatic reminders for guests

βœ… Credit card inquiry for no-show fees

βœ… Exceptions for VIPs and regular guests possible

βœ… Phone and email verification

βœ… Provisional reservations

«Whereas we used to have up to a 20 percent no-show rate at Restaurant Mural, with aleno it's less than 0.5 percent», says Wolfgang Hingerl, General Manager of Mural Group in Munich and _Restaurateur of the Year 2022 (Rolling Pin Magazin).

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More Time for Guests

The smart reservation system aleno saves the service staff many hours of administrative work week after week, and reduces wait times for guests.

βœ… Custom queries during reservation (e.g., allergies, child seats, etc.)

βœ… Graphical drag & drop table plan

βœ… 1-click check-in

βœ… Automatic (AI-supported) table assignment

βœ… Pre-order and pre-payment directly upon reservation

«Guests now arrive in staggered times; peak times no longer exist. Service without stress», says Raphael Steinhart, F&B Manager, Sonnenalp Resort, Germany.

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Optimal Utilization, Higher Profits

With aleno's reservation system, restaurant occupancy can be managed effectively. Less stress for service and kitchen staff, and the team knows in advance what guests desire

βœ… Multiple table bookings (Double and Triple Seating)

βœ… Waitlist function when fully booked

βœ… 360-degree guest profiles for successful upselling

βœ… Recommendation of other locations of the same establishment if the restaurant is fully booked

βœ… High-revenue guests can be identified at the time of reservation

«Thanks to aleno, we can communicate more efficiently, cater to individual guest preferences, and generate more revenue», sagt Paul Sorantin, Director of Revenue, Sacher Hotels.

Turn Guests into Regulars

aleno enables automated review management and efficient retention marketing. Get the right guest data for profitable digital marketing.

βœ… Automatic review prompts only for satisfied guests

βœ… Targeted emails to the right guest segments

βœ… Integration with Google Tag Manager and other tools

βœ… Precise advertising for former guests

βœ… Automatic guest tagging based on self-defined rules

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