Product Igeho 2023

The new M-iClean PF-S - the small all-rounder

The new M-iClean PF-S combines the power of a premium utensil washer in a footprint of less than 1 m². Cleaning your M-iClean PF-S? Child's play, because the door can be folded down in a flash. Fixing light items to be washed? No problem with the integrated hold-down: simply fold it down.

Baskets, crates, kneading rollers: When food comes into play, a whole universe of wash ware is waiting to be quickly restored to its former glory. Different shapes and sizes meet different materials and residues. Quasi: as diverse as the entire industry, from the display at the bakery or butcher to the hotel kitchen and the food retail trade. So a real all-rounder is needed. But also a powerhouse for stubborn residues. And because every millimetre counts, even a small niche must suffice to achieve perfect dishwashing results - for all utensils, of course. It should also be high-quality premium technology. And of course economical, for the sake of the environment and your wallet. Our answer to all these requirements is: M-iClean PF-S. This multi-talent leaves nothing to be desired.

Cleanliness in every nook and cranny: A pot and utensil washer has to cope with a wide variety of dishes. Corners and corners that are difficult to reach are therefore the order of the day. But with an M-iClean PF-S you can be sure, nothing remains unreached. This is ensured by our ingenious washing system in combination with the extremely robust design. Reversing washing pipes and a particularly high washing pressure make short work of stubborn dirt and "blind spots".