Product Igeho 2023

The novelty on the Swiss market The Emmi Suisse Bag in Box whole milk 7.6L

The system combines the highest quality standards with practical advantages for institutions, companies and businesses that value efficiency and sustainability. Thanks to the innovative closure system and packaging, the box can be connected directly to a coffee machine.

Evolution in milk supply for the food service market: Emmi's 7.6L Bag-in-Box UHT.

Quick, clean and easy to change milk

When it comes to catering for guests and patients, efficiency and sustainability play a crucial role. Emmi, the innovative supplier of dairy products in Switzerland, presents an innovative solution that meets precisely these criteria: The 7.6L Bag-in-Box UHT milk with swissmilk green standard.

The milk complies with the swissmilk green standard, a production standard introduced in 2019 that will be mandatory for all Swiss dairy products from 2024. This standard guarantees the highest criteria in animal welfare, feeding and sustainability and ensures that the milk is produced ethically and in an environmentally conscious manner.

As Emmi, we want to help our customers and do our part to relieve the burden on our customers. With Bag-in-Box milk, we provide an answer without sacrificing quality. Bag-in-box milk offers several advantages:

  • Waste reduction: By reducing plastic packaging, the system contributes to waste minimisation.
  • Hygiene: The plug-in closure guarantees quick, easy and hygienic handling, ideal in sensitive healthcare facilities.
  • Space saving: The box is designed to fit into many coffee machine refrigerators and is easily stackable.
  • Cost and time efficiency: Valuable resources can be saved through less waste and less time spent handling milk
  • Cleaning: Less cleaning required and less cleaning material thanks to the direct connection to the machine without contaminating the milk container. This saves time and reduces costs.

"Less time spent decanting and changing means more time and added value for your guests and patients".