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As a supplier in the field of food production, we accompany our customers along the value and production chain of their company. Whether you are a small, medium-sized or large company, we are at your side and adapt our offer to your individual needs and requirements.


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Flury Schlachttechnik GmbH November 13, 2023

Inject Star - Single-head injector IS290

Injector for gently processed high-quality delicacies, perfectly tailored to customer requirements. Equipped with all the essential functions for production, the IS-290 combines traditional craftsmanship with modern working methods.

Igeho 2023

Flury Schlachttechnik GmbH November 3, 2023

Grasselli – CLO Safety System!

The CLO safety system for manual derinding and membrane skinning machines from Grasselli ensures complete operator safety. Up to 94.6% less risk of accidents!

Igeho 2023

Flury Schlachttechnik GmbH November 1, 2023

Friedr. DICK - Knives series VIVUM

The unique power of nature combined in a knife series! These unique knives combine a natural appearance with extreme sharpness: an elegant and specially shaped birchwood handle comes together with the highest quality knife steel and a modern blade design.

Igeho 2023

Flury Schlachttechnik GmbH July 12, 2023

MAINCA - Meat Mincers (Grinders)

The latest PC meat mincers combine a unique and innovative design with excellent features. Reliable and strong oil-immersed gear drive and powerful motors with high overload capacity suitable for mincing all types of meat.

Igeho 2023

Flury Schlachttechnik GmbH July 12, 2023

FREUND - splitter band saw

Different models for different applications and sizes of farms. The machines are suitable for the spreader bar slaughter or the combination slaughter line.

Igeho 2023

Flury Schlachttechnik GmbH July 12, 2023

GRASSELLI - model NSL600

Vertical meat slicer for obtaining perfectly even slices of bone-in or boneless meat, thanks to the multi-blad. Extreme precision and quality even for thinner slices, in addition to high productivity and yields: the market standard for vertical slicing of fresh meat.

Igeho 2023

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  • O Cooking knives and accessories
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  • O Measuring and testing equipment
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About us

Founded in 1997, our company has since then established itself as a competent and efficient supply partner for a high quality assortment of machines and of machines and consumables in the field of industrial and commercial food production. and commercial food production. The main focus of our market performance is in the field of meat production.

Due to the rethinking of the consumers and the trend towards vegetarian and vegan food, the processing of vegetable products also belongs to our target group. products is also part of our target group.

We provide you with comprehensive technical support for repair work
and assemblies. With our know-how and our personal we accompany you competently through all production and processing steps of your company. steps of your operation. You can rely on us - for over 25 years!

Do you have any questions about our wide range of products or would you like to learn more about our about our wide range of services? Then simply get in touch with us. We are We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, because as an owner-managed family business, personal advice and support are particularly important to us!

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