Product Igeho 2023

HOBART washing solutions for reusable tableware: where hygiene meets sustainability

Sustainability, hygiene and efficiency are top priorities in today’s catering industry and events sector. The HOBART washing solutions for reusable tableware produce hygienic, dry reusable cups and bottles every time.

HOBART reusable cup washing solution: for sparkling, dry cups
The HOBART undercounter PREMAX GP / FP dishwashers with integrated TOP-DRY drying technology ensure hygienic and clean wash results. The reusable cup washing rack allows up to 25 cups to be washed per cycle, while the powerful TOP-DRY drying technology means that no time-consuming additional drying is required. These dishwashers give reusable cups the full VIP treatment – they're clean, dry, stackable and ready to use again in no time.

The HOBART bottle-washing system combines hygiene with flexibility
Cups are not the only highlight in the HOBART wash program. The retrofittable bottle washing system delivers the utmost hygiene and flexibility. Whether you use it to wash small soft-drink bottles or large water bottles, by the end of every wash cycle, up to 12 bottles of different shapes and sizes will be sparkling like new. And thanks to the ingenious wire attachment, every bottle stays in the correct position, no matter its diameter. 

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