Product Igeho 2023

Reduce food waste with reusable takeaway packaging

In Europe, a third of the food produced for humans is wasted. This doesn't have to be the case - we have a solution for reducing this proportion. Find out here what your contribution can be.

This so-called "plate waste" accounts for a large proportion of food waste in many restaurants (BFH, 2018). Eliminating the cause is a challenge - combating the symptoms is very easy:
Many restaurants offer their customers the option of taking their leftover food with them so that it can be enjoyed later. Instead of relying on disposable packaging, it makes sense to use a reusable solution to avoid unnecessary waste. The specially developed reCIRCLE packaging for takeaway gastronomy is an ideal choice for this! They can later be returned to all partner businesses - around 2,000 throughout Switzerland. It's very simple! 

"The reCIRCLE boxes are by far the best I've found on the market in terms of reusable tableware and a must-have for every takeaway provider. Everyone can do their bit for the environment," says Beat Walmer, longstanding reCIRCLE partner and owner of Oy's Thai Food & Catering in Sissach BL. And your customers will also appreciate your commitment to the environment - and return to you with excitement!