Product Igeho 2023

Yellow, yellower - Parisian Sauce

When thinking of Parisian sauce, most people imagine the hearty flavor or the rich yellow color. But where does this yellow color come from? On the one hand, it comes from the selected curry blend, and on the other hand, from the mustard, which gives the sauce a slight spiciness and a nice taste.

The Parisian sauce should never be missing from any refrigerator. For 40 years, this robust curry sauce has been the favorite of young and old alike. Versatility is probably the best way to describe the Parisian sauce. It not only adds a certain extra flavor to dishes but is also used not only as a fondue Chinoise sauce and dipping sauce but also in the hot kitchen as a marinade.

It's also indispensable for a fine curry stir-fry or even a summer chicken salad.