Product Igeho 2023

HOBART TWO-LEVEL-WASHER: intelligent washing on two levels

The HOBART TWO-LEVEL-WASHER (TLW) is the ideal solution for greater capacity and flexibility. With an additional washing chamber, the TLW offers twice the capacity per wash cycle while saving space at the same time.

The multi-award-winning TWO-LEVEL-WASHER is able to simultaneously wash different wares such as porcelain dishes, cutlery or cooking utensils in two separate chambers. Its compact design means that the warewasher requires no more space than a conventional appliance.

The unique warewasher is not only efficient, but also economical: the warewasher uses just two litres of fresh water per wash cycle. The intelligent wash sensors ensure sustainable water consumption. It monitors the quality of the consumed water and adjusts consumption accordingly: low water consumption for light soiling; increased water consumption for heavy soiling. 

The high-tech warewasher can be optimally combined with the GEHRIG reverse osmosis system. The advantage: no mineral residues on glasses and cutlery. Arduous polishing is also a thing of the past. 

The TLW was developed for demanding use in gastronomy. Its robust design and high-quality workmanship ensure a long service life and reliable function, even with high wash volumes.

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