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Gehrig Group AG several locations

HOBART TWO-LEVEL-WASHER: intelligent washing on two levels

The HOBART TWO-LEVEL-WASHER (TLW) is the ideal solution for greater capacity and flexibility. With an additional washing chamber, the TLW offers twice the capacity per wash cycle while saving space at the same time.

heer ag several locations

Quooker new in the heer ag range!

Modernise your kitchen sustainably and replace your tap with a Quooker! The Quooker tap fits into the opening of your existing tap. Hot, cold, 100°C boiling and chilled sparkling and still water from the tap in no time at all.

Rex-Royal AG 1.1 / A110

Fully automatic coffee machines - new 2024 models

We have further developed our fully automatic coffee machines and adapted them to the increasing needs for product variety. Discover our newest models.

GKM Gewerbekühlmöbel AG 1.0 / C403

GKM presents the highest ice quality from the world market leader Hoshizaki

Discover ice of outstanding quality with GKM and Hoshizaki, the world leader in ice production. Hoshizaki machines are robust and efficient, delivering ice quickly in a variety of shapes - from ice cubes to flake ice - even in extreme conditions.

Kisag AG 1.0 / C410

The Kisag whipper: our culinary all-rounder

Kisag whippers are ideal for preparing cream soups, frothy sauces and airy-light foams, all to gourmet standards. What’s more, they’re quick and easy to use. Last but not least, our Kisag Thermo Whipper will even keep your culinary creations at the desired star-level.

Gehrig Group AG several locations

Moretti Forni serieX: where innovative baking technology meets top design

Discover serieX – the revolutionary, easy-to-use multifunctional oven with low energy consumption. Bake perfect pizzas simply and sustainably. With an iconic style that underlines its uniqueness, this oven looks the part in any setting.


Induction technology for superior cooking suites - Celsius Black

Happy guests and enthusiastic chefs. To ensure your success in the restaurant trade, the latest induction technology from Menu System revolutionises your kitchen’s soul – your cooking suite. Combining the advantages of digitalisation and smart networking, we have created a unique technological.

RATIONAL Schweiz AG 1.0 / A204

Intelligent cooking systems from RATIONAL that set standards

Inspiringly different. Discover the most intelligent and productive cooking systems from RATIONAL, the world market leader and company of chefs, for chefs.


Balz Zehnder of K. Isler AG

Not everyone with a long knife is a chef, but a good knife is undoubtedly one of the most important tools of a good chef. K. Isler AG supplies such and many other tools for the fine kitchen – or also for the quality butcher, through

Kisag AG 1.0 / C410

Cooking at the table with Kisag: portable stoves

Kisag’s compactly-sized LongFire stove and portable PowerFire® tabletop burner allow you to cook whenever and wherever you like. Fuelled by Kisag gas, they work entirely without electricity or cables. Kisag burners are perfect for fondues, tableside show cooking and event catering.

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