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Kisag AG 1.0 / C410

The Kisag whipper: our culinary all-rounder

Kisag whippers are ideal for preparing cream soups, frothy sauces and airy-light foams, all to gourmet standards. What’s more, they’re quick and easy to use. Last but not least, our Kisag Thermo Whipper will even keep your culinary creations at the desired star-level.

Edgar Fuchs Swiss GmbH 1.0 / D303

New, big, unconventional – the Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport

The huge convention center “The Circle” at Zurich Airport offers unique event rooms for every occasion – and direct access to the new Hyatt Regency Hotel. With bar, kitchen and restaurant fittings by Edgar Fuchs Swiss.

Gehrig Group AG several locations

HOBART TWO-LEVEL-WASHER: intelligent washing on two levels

The HOBART TWO-LEVEL-WASHER (TLW) is the ideal solution for greater capacity and flexibility. With an additional washing chamber, the TLW offers twice the capacity per wash cycle while saving space at the same time.

GKM Gewerbekühlmöbel AG 1.0 / C403

GKM presents the highest ice quality from the world market leader Hoshizaki

Discover ice of outstanding quality with GKM and Hoshizaki, the world leader in ice production. Hoshizaki machines are robust and efficient, delivering ice quickly in a variety of shapes - from ice cubes to flake ice - even in extreme conditions.

Kisag AG 1.0 / C410

Cooking at the table with Kisag: portable stoves

Kisag’s compactly-sized LongFire stove and portable PowerFire® tabletop burner allow you to cook whenever and wherever you like. Fuelled by Kisag gas, they work entirely without electricity or cables. Kisag burners are perfect for fondues, tableside show cooking and event catering.

Salvis AG 1.0 / D102

"Some like it hot" Ready for the new swiss energy efficiency regulation from 01.01.2024

There's no way around the Salamander Salvis Classic! The Salamander Salvis Classic and Classic Pro are already fit for the future - thanks to plate detection, up to 70% energy can be saved.

Egro Suisse AG 1.1 / C111

Egro NEXT - lactose-free at the touch of a button

Egro NEXT - now lactose-free at the touch of a button and with EasySwitch - offers the utmost flexibility. It is one of the most powerful fully automatic coffee machines in its class and your new, reliable collaborator for maximum performance in the tightest of spaces.

My Gusto GmbH – House of Steam 1.1 / D012

The fastest gourmet kitchen in the world - and this is how it works!

With the fastest gourmet kitchen in the world, we call it QEAMER, based on Quick-Steam technology made in Switzerland, you can reproduce the highest dining pleasure in seconds.

FRXSH Vertrieb AG 1.0 / A307

FRXSH Mousse Chef - the real alternative among Frozen Food Processors

The FRXSH Mousse Chef not only masters the familiar repertoire of its appliance class, but also offers strong added value on top. New processing functions and the sophisticated appliance design make its handling smart, convenient and very simple.

Edgar Fuchs Swiss GmbH 1.0 / D303

Fresh gastronomy for rehab patients – the "Hochgebirgsklinik Davos"

In this project, our focus was on the development of the gastronomic concept, a feasibility study, the specialist planning, delivery and assembly of all kitchens, buffets, cold rooms and ventilation ceilings through to the equipment of the set table.

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