Product Igeho 2023

Cook in advance with Unox’s EVEREO®

With Unox’s EVEREO® you can cook in advance, preserve hot food at service temperature for up to 3 days and serve it in no time. EVEREO®’s strength lies in the accurate control of the temperature, humidity, and oxygen content in the preservation chamber.

Want to lighten workloads and speed up service time?

Thanks to cutting-edge sensors it holds food at service temperature and keeps organoleptic qualities such as taste, texture and colour untouched. 
That’s not all! EVEREO® works exclusively at temperatures above which bacteria cannot live making hot food preservation the best way to store food and speed up service time. Its HACCP International certification is just the last proof which certifies that professionals can stop worrying about food hazards in their kitchens.

Thanks to EVEREO® food is tasty as freshly made while food waste and long queues are just bad memories. Plus, you save energy and reduce labour cost. Terrific, isn’t it?

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