Igeho EcoCircle – a symbol of sustainability

The green EcoCircle is a quality label and shows that you believe in making a commitment to sustainability. The colour green stands for hope, health and happiness. You can show your true colours too, and make your kind-heartedness and social-mindedness directly visible in a sustainable manner.

Purchase the Igeho EcoCircle for CHF 590.– and automatically donate CHF 300.– of this to SapoCycle for a project that makes life-saving products from discarded hotel soap. With your donation, you will be making a valuable contribution to reducing the amount of waste in hotels, improving hygiene for children in threshold countries and reintegrating people with a disability.

Please note: all prices are exclusive of VAT.


How soap saves lives

Did you know that handwashing with soap is the most effective way of reducing infant mortality in threshold countries? It is more effective than vaccinations, drugs or isolated clean-water initiatives. In reality, handwashing can reduce the mortality rate by almost 50 percent.

SapoCycle Foundation

SapoCycle is a non-profit foundation under the umbrella of the "Fondation des Fondateurs". Their project is aimed at collecting discarded soap from hotels in Europe, recycling it and then distributing the soap in under-developed countries. This is intended to contribute towards improving hygiene and making people aware of just how important it is to take care of their health.

In addition to reducing the amount of waste generated in hotels, recycling the soap creates jobs in a stable working environment for people with disabilities. Around one hundred 4- and 5-star hotels and cooperation partners are already participating in the SapoCycle project and providing humanitarian aid through a waste product.

Your benefit from your commitment

  • Greater visibility in the exhibitor directories and hall plans through the green EcoCircle symbol
  • A round Forex disc with an EcoCircle mounted on it for your stand, plus print data for incorporation in your stand design
  • Easy identification by Igeho visitors with an interest in sustainability commitments
  • Entry in the "EcoCircle" sustainability directory included in the online exhibitor directory
  • Additional hyperlink in the online exhibitor directory
  • Sustainability statement with 500 characters of text in German and company logo including hall and stand number in the Igeho Magazine, under the "EcoCircle" heading

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